We integrated customer experience and survey data from various channels, Let you have a deep understanding of market intelligence,by the services we provide to you. Provide you with the best decision-making process!


We provide professional mystery shopping audit service.
  • Customize survey project according to your specific business needs.
  • Help you get real-time information by our world-class Business Quality Management System.
  • Identify service gaps, and provide comprehensive analysis report and improvement.
  • We have 2,000+ experienced mystery shoppers all over Taiwan.


How important is customer satisfaction?
  • The costs of developing a new customer is ten times of maintain old customer.
  • Invest 5% of cost to maintain customers can create 60%~100% of benefit.
  • Customer satisfaction enhances 10% of profits.
  • 14% customer will lose because of unsatisfactory service.
Our customer satisfaction survey makes you understand objective evaluation from your customers. Use customized and Quantitative indicators to audit your service quality. Let you master customer satisfaction and thereby increasing profit
MIMIC makes you review evaluation of corporate services, brand image, customer loyalty and behavior.


How much do you know about your employee happiness?
  • Enterprises can't grasp 85% of the brain drain.
  • 41% of new employees will leave within six months
  • The overall average turnover rate is as high as 17.1%.
  • Employee replacement costs is 30% of Employee Salary.
Our employee engagement survey allows you to actually understand the index of employee's well-being and health. And help enterprises to establish high-quality work environment to enhance staff cohesion. To create a positive and productive team.


Which projects should be evaluate?
  • Store service management view 
  • Customer consumption experience evaluation 
  • Analysis of Customer Loyalty Index
  • Competition analysis
  • Employee engagement indicators
According to industry characteristics of your company, We customize a series of professional assessment projects.
Our team helps you assess customer service quality and market competitive situation. And use key information to develop business strategy.