About Us

    We integrate with market trends and customer needs to provide quantifiable service performance index, survey design, auditing project, and scientific and systematic investigation. We are a global leader in Customer Experience Management.
    To ensure the accuracy, immediacy and availability of our service, The MIMIC team is committed to improving our service by our regular, effective tracking.
We offer customers:
  • Real-time monitoring management - Grasp the latest survey progress by transparent survey services.
  • Browse survey report online - Provide online comprehensive analysis report by Business Quality Management System.
  • Professional auditors all over Taiwan - Execute secret enterprise investigation.
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The MIMIC team provides unified standard and high-quality services to customers in different regions of the world.
Our primary mission is to provide high-quality, high-value services to our customers. And focus on safe working environment, complete education and training for employee. Committed to providing high-quality and creating a safe, healthy and green work environment.
We have specialized and market-leading products and services, including:
  • Mystery shopping auditing 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey 
  • Employee Engagement Survey 
  • Consultation